Monday, September 22, 2008

The Blogosphere

There's something captivating about the blogosphere. As its importance and influence has grown, I have watched, captivated, wishing I could be a part of it, a voice in it. But the wonder of the blogosphere is that I can, at my own will. I don't even really have to have anything unique or intriguing to say. However, I have no intention of filling posts up with trivialities - unless, of course, they are relevant because they are trivialities.

This blog will be about my thoughts and experiences regarding the following:
  • Atheism, agnosticism, and (organized) religion in general;
  • Feminism;
  • Technology;
  • Sex and love, both of the gay and straight nature;
  • Politics; and
  • My cat.
Sorry, but I have to sneak my cat in there somewhere, as the other topics are so dull and heavy.

At any rate, I am an agnostic, feminist, straight, liberal woman, born in 1986. I am currently a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology as an information technology major; I plan to graduate in May of 2009. There may be bumps in posting between now and my graduation; I tend to throw myself into school when I am taking courses.

I don't know where the title came from exactly, but I feel like Nowoman's Land is about where I live right now. I post this, of course, at the height of the 2008 election season; Sarah Palin has been announced as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, and I am livid about the choice and what it means for women. Perhaps that's where the title came from. More on the election (and Sarah Palin) later though. We'll save that for a whole 'nother post.

Posts may be anything from reactions to a linked news article or blog post to commentary about an experience or event and how it relates to the above topics. I really don't have any concrete plans for this blog, other than it will be intellectual, and hopefully not mundane or insipid. I would like to encourage a readership of thoughtful, questioning, and uncommon people. I hope that I am thoughtful, questioning, and uncommon enough myself.

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